‘At the event I noticed a guest closely inspecting a haunting night-time streetscape by the painter Selwyn Leamy. He explained the picture reminded him of a long walk home he’d made as a young man after missing his last train one night, when he’d found his irritation at having to make the journey suddenly dissipated by the realisation of how beautiful deserted suburbia looked by the glow of street lamps. He told me he’d decided to buy the painting.’
Tim Barber
City AM, Nov 2010
talking about the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2010

‘Human traces. This is what fills Selwyn Leamy’s paintings. That over powering, lingering presence in absence. A chronicler of the nondescript, each of Leamy’s small paintings is a Haiku to suburbia.’
Henry Carroll
Frui, 2009

‘Selwyn is a blond wild man, passionate about painting and full of enthusiasm for composition.’
Fiona Keating
The Green, Aug 2009

‘Selwyn, the most garrulous and eccentric of the three, is also a landscape painter.’
Kate Quill
The Times, July 2009